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BDSM, Kink & Alternative Lifestyle Education

In 2019, when we joined TikTok, we encountered a lot of misinformation and stereotypes everywhere. And though we had only taught about BDSM, Kink, and Alternative Lifestyles in a casual setting before, we knew we needed to act. We launched an 18+ hashtag “BDSM for Youngsters” (later changed to BDSM for Dumpsters”) to create a safe source of information for the newbies to the lifestyle. As we became social media savvy, we redirected our energy into meeting with and collaborating with other known and respected educators. With help, we have created a safe online space to learn while navigating the effects of a worldwide pandemic. After exploring different platforms we have found Discord to be the best for our education based community. We host regular classes by educators, podcast roundtables, and a constant Q&A forum. Though our primary focus is education, we have other channels to socialize and hang out with our members from all around the world. We continue to grow our education platform as our network of educators expands. 

Below find the links to our Education Resources
(Please note, we are still re-building this list. Please have patience with us)

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